Saturday, January 1, 2011

David, a Man After God's Own Heart

​ My heart is a sea of tears, O my Lord and there is no ocean that can contain them. My soul weeps before you, my Lord and my spirit is bowed down low in your presence.Is there no relief for my sorrow and my pain, Father? I am your son and you have promised to love me during my whole life. But why do I feel so abandoned, Lord? From the early morning, even before the dawn, you hear my voice. To you I sing and chant psalms to you, yet you are silent and I do not hear your voice. O my Lord, why are you so quiet? Do you not hear the weeping of heart in the vast desert of my soul? But I offer all of this up to you, my Lord. With a grateful and loving heart I offer you my sacrifice of praise. A hymn of thanksgiving I bring unto your presence. Even though I am not worthy to lift up my eyes before you because of my many transgressions, and I am the least of all your children. But I trust in your mercy and love, Father. Have mercy on me,.the smallest of all your children. Through the grace and compassion of your dearly beloved son, our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ with whom you are blessed, with the gift of the Holy Spirit the Life Giver who is of one essence with you, always now and forever and unto the ages of all ages. Amen. El mas pequeno de tus hijos, Juan David De Jesus 11/30/2011